Account Types and Forms


An account with one beneficial owner for people who want to trade personal capital

Joint (JTWROS)

Most commonly for married couples, this is an account with two equal interest owners where upon the death or decision of incompetence of either owner, account ownership passes to the survivor.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)


*Note: for limitations

Roth (IRA)

Note: for limitations


An account held in the name of a company with designated persons who act and trade on behalf of the company.


An entity account managed by its members who also appoint a person or persons to act on the companies behalf.


An account where the investments are held in the name of the trust while the trustee controls the management of said investments.


Two or more individuals that designate members of the partnership to act on behalf of the partnership as a whole. Each individual owner of the partnership is equally and personally responsible for its debts.