Fund Account

Funding your account is easy. Simply choose the method you would like to use to fund the account from the options below and follow the instructions:

fund your direct online trading online account

Account Transfer (ACAT)

To transfer an account from another firm, please contact Cobra Trading to obtain a copy of the Account Transfer Form (ACAT). Once you have completed the form please attach a copy of your most recent statement from the account you are transferring and return to Cobra Trading. You may fax it to us at 972-491-3111 or you can mail it to us at:

Wire Transfer

To fund your account by wire transfer, please provide the following instructions to your bank. Please note your Cobra account must first be opened in order to get your “Customer Name and Account Number”. Third party wires cannot be accepted.

For Platforms: Sterling Trader Pro and RealTick

For Platform: DAS Trader Pro

Mail Us a Check

All you have to do is write a check payable to Wedbush Securities, with your account number written in the memo line. Include the check with your paperwork when you mail it to us at the address below: